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Carp fishing Bobbins Indicators Night Glow Various Colours

Custom Tackle

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  • Made in our UK workshop these resin heads have a light emitting pigment added
  • Unlike other glowing things, the head can be recharged an unlimited number of times
  • After super-bright initial glow, will afterglow several hours
  • Head only option is suitable for M5 / 2BA Chains and Ball clips and is supplied with NO metalwork
  • Approx weight - 35mm 13g, 25mm 12g, 14mm 11g
  • Std system supplied with Stainless ball chain, plastic Hanger and Stainless Ball clip
  • Premium Full System supplied with Stainless curb chain, Stainless Hanger and Stainless Ball clip
  • Supplied with M5 or 2BA fitment